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IVAN Software – What is it and How can it benefit my Project?

Ivan is a project scheduling software that allows the project to be detailed on one page in a graphical and visual sense. It is an excellent cover tool to allow the project to be reviewed with out 150 pages of a detailed construction programme.

The developers describe the software as the following; “Imagine being able to produce a programme manually you would sit down and draw a number of bars representing activities and then draw the dependencies that form your network logic, then this is exactly how IVAN works”.

Ivan also calculates the critical path of the project based on the logic links that have been entered, it is all formulated on one page modelling the way a programme is built.

Here is an example of the IVAN Software where we have detailed the works of seven building to clearly demonstrate the relationship between each area of works.


This software makes a complicated project easy to read and simplified down to one page, this makes information easy to communicate with a large variety of Stakeholders.

For more information on IVAN please touch base with Williams Planning and we will be happy to show you further how this software can benefit your project.

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