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Williams Planning Limited was founded in 2000 with a single mission: to be the most successful, creative and ground-breaking construction planning consulting  in Auckland. We approach each of our clients with fresh eyes to develop customized, unique strategies.

Williams planning has a wealth of experience in construction planning. Tim and Charlotte have been personally involved with a number of projects that range from small residential projects right up to multi million-dollar budgets.

The current range of projects range from residential buildings in the Central Auckland, through to a Hotel Development in Papua New Guinea and many tender programmes & delay claims in between. We will come to your site anywhere in the country (or out of it!!) as the situation demands.

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Tim Williams


Williams Planning is operated by Tim Williams. Tim has a 30-year background in onsite project & construction management. Tim is the founding consultant in the company specializing in project planning & scheduling. Earlier in his career, Tim was involved with project and construction management where he managed many residential high-rise, commercial projects, estimating, quantity surveying, and contract administration. He provides advice to both Principal and Contractor organisations from the concept stage of projects to completion. As well as providing advice in relation to time delay matters.

Tim undertakes tender project planning, project status reports, using a variety of specialist software. Tim has reviewed and provided advise on a diverse range of projects from large residential, commercial, infrastructure and bespoke developments throughout the Pacific. Tim specializes in Extension of Time & Delay claim reports, adjudications and arbitration.

Charlotte Clapperton

Construction Planner

Charlotte has been with Williams Planning since 2016 and has a diverse background within government, insurance and residential construction industries as a Principal Project Manager. In her previous roles Charlotte was site based and had a hands on approach in regards to the project management methodologies. This has given Charlotte a broad base of knowledge to develop planning and scheduling methodologies within a variety of commercial and residential developments. Charlotte has a detailed understanding of project leadership, strategic direction planning, service outcomes and the growing importance associated with health and safety. These are all key factors when planning a project of any scale.

Charlotte undertakes tender project planning, project status reports, using a variety of specialist software. Charlotte also specializes in Extension of Time & Delay claim reports across a variety of commercial and residential projects.